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Dr. Sebastian Gorka

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Support Local Businesses in the Roanoke, VA, Area

Whether you live in the Roanoke area or are visiting beautiful Virginia, check out some local businesses and show your support to our local economy:

Lucy Kats Diner, 3808 Yellow Mountain Road, Roanoke, (540) 427-4750 or (540) 427-4749

Gardino Pizza, 105 West Lee Avenue, Vinton, (540) 904-6666

Sistaz of Soulfood, Vinton, (540) 650-7023

Kroger, 915 Hardy Road, Vinton, (540) 345-7017

Master Sgt. BBQ, 111 East Virginia Avenue, Vinton, (540) 216-6714

Mountain Grille Food Truck, Roanoke, (540) 537-6904

Jerry’s Family Restaurant, 1340 East Washington Avenue, Vinton, (540) 343-4400

The Salad Factory, 28 Franklin Road SW, Roanoke, (540) 353-4047

Nishi’s Food Mart, 1551 East Washington Avenue, Vinton, (540) 890-4750